Will Shoppers Notice Your Product in Aisle 3?

Today, the reality is that center store is shrinking and the perimeter is expanding. The average aisle is now only visited by about 30% of all shoppers on any given trip. If you are a CPG manufacturer or marketer, you know the power of out-of-aisle display. But how much display are you really getting these days?

Our premise is simple: FrontLine Marketing is where CPG manufacturers can go to get incremental out-of-aisle advertising displays at thousands of top supermarkets without negotiating with the retailers. 

Think of us as a one-stop-shop for guaranteed in-store-display at Checkout, at Pharmacy, and on the End-Aisle. 

FrontLine Marketing's display and media solutions place products in the store's high-traffic perimeter to maximize exposure, trial, and incremental sales. Our FrontLoader™ Checkout Display program reaches 100% of all shoppers passing through checkout week after week, shopping trip after shopping trip. Our Pharmacy Display Network directly connects health and wellness brands with qualified health conscious shoppers. Our New Product Center program showcases new item launches on a prominent end-aisle location.

Our display programs are offered for 4 week cycle periods, merchandised and re-stocked weekly by FrontLine's in-store merchandising team for exceptional product presentation and maximum sales.

Want to drive product awareness and trial? FrontLine's in-store display programs are proven to perform. That's why our clients keep coming back for more.